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Want recruitment understand that we have a duty to ensure the quality and best practice of our management, looking at our people and processes along with how this impacts the wider community and commercial marketplace. 

We are committed to being an ethical, inclusive, fair and environmentally conscious business. We believe that we should have a positive impact on our employees, customers and the wider community in which we operate.

We aim to recruit the top talent for our clients and for our own business. This means attracting candidates based on their skills, knowledge and competence to carry out the role to the highest standard. We are committed to the principles of diversity and inclusion and encourage applications from candidates irrespective of age, disability, ethnicity, gender, religion and sexuality.

We are an equal opportunities employer giving everyone an equal chance to learn, develop and improve. As a result, many of the people employed at Want recruitment have been promoted into new roles, given new responsibilities and continuously enhanced their skills base, through our intense training and development programme.

Our employees’ opinions are valued and we actively encourage all viewpoints though various suggestion scheme and awards.  Central to the way we run our business is our employees’ welfare, ensuring we provide them with a safe and healthy environment and respect the need for a work-life balance. 

Want recruitment is an environmentally conscious business and we always look at ways to manage the environmental impact of our activities. This includes evaluating our internal processes, maximising re-cycling, minimising our energy use where possible and ensuring we select and manage our suppliers effectively.

In order to reduce waste generation, we encourage recycling and environmentally conscious waste disposal and promote the use of technology to lessen the impact on the environment by reducing the needs to print out documents.

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